Dante Hicks
Series: View Askewniverse
Alias: "The Bitch"(according to jay's rumor about him and Randal being married)
Occupation: Co-Owner/Manager of the Quick Stop and RST Video store
Mooby's restaurant clerk (formerly)
Quick Stop store clerk (formerly)
First seen: Clerks
Last seen: Clerks II
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Brian O'Halloran



Dante Hicks, is 22 (33 in Clerks II), works at the Quick Stop Market in Leonardo, New Jersey, and still lives with his parents. He feels that because he runs the store, he is independent and in control of his life, and yet, he is a push-over who often agrees to work when he doesn't have to (hence his catch phrase, "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"). He frequently gets into debates ranging from philosophy to Star Wars with his best friend, fellow clerk Randal Graves, who works at the adjacent RST Video Store.

Dante is fairly well-meaning and sensible (especially when compared with his best friend Randal), and is easily agitated by Randal's actions or behavior, particularly when Randal's actions lead to negative consequences. For example, Dante often scolds Randal for disrespecting customers, while Randal often tries to defend his actions.

The film centers on the chaotic events of a day at the Quick Stop that Dante must deal with. Among other problems, Dante becomes the target of an anti-smoking mob who pelt him with cigarettes, and he is issued a summons and fined for selling cigarettes to a four-year-old, a crime Randal had in fact negligently committed. In addition, he is continually harassed by Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith), two drug dealers who loiter in front of the store all day and often like to go inside and steal. A running gag throughout the film is the scent of shoe polish on him, as he uses some to write a makeshift open sign to hang over the stuck window shutters of the store.

The film also deals with Dante's problematic romantic relationships. He has difficulty dealing with his girlfriend Veronica, especially her extensive history of performing fellatio (on 37 different men, including him) — even though she seems to genuinely care for him, going so far as to bring him lasagna at work and help him fix a tire. At the same time, Dante is infatuated with ex-girlfriend Caitlin Bree and seems intent on rekindling that relationship. In the end, Dante ends up with neither woman; Randal ends the relationship by telling Veronica that Dante never got over Caitlin, and Caitlin is hospitalized after accidentally having sex in a dark bathroom with a corpse, whom she had believed to be Dante.

After an argument with Veronica, Dante gets into a big fight with Randal, and he laments his lot in life over the loss of his girlfriend and Caitlin, as well as his overall life. He is left speechless when Randal explodes at him, accusing him of blaming everyone else for his lack of initiative. The two reconcile and clean up the Quick Stop. In the final scene, he tells Randal that he is going to try and work things out with Veronica. It is implied that he will try to find direction in his life.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dante, like Randal, plays a brief role early in the film in which the two clerks have Jay and Silent Bob arrested for loitering in front of Quick-Stop as well as for selling drugs in front of the store. As a result, a restraining order was placed on Jay and Silent Bob, who were not allowed within a hundred feet of the store.

Clerks II

In Clerks II, Dante and Randal are forced to work at a Mooby's fast food restaurant after Randal accidentally leaves a coffee pot on in the Quick Stop, causing the store to burn down. It is revealed that Dante is engaged and is planning to move to Florida with his fiancee Emma. This leaves Randal feeling rejected, but does not express his anger at Dante over the decision until near the end of the movie. Randal also expresses his fears of losing Dante; under the persuasion of Randal, Dante decides to stay in New Jersey. He also calls off his engagement with Emma in favor of his boss, Becky.