Holden McNeil
Series: View Askewniverse
Occupation: Comic Book Creator
First seen: Chasing Amy
Last seen: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Ben Affleck


Chasing Amy

Holden McNeil is the main character in the film Chasing Amy. Throughout the film he is trying to develop a working relationship with Alyssa Jones, who is a lesbian. He is the co-creator of the ficticous comic book Bluntman and Chronic and the penciler.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Holden also appears in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, living in a small barnhouse and giving Jay and Silent Bob information on the internet. He also has a small one liner in the film watching the TV, seeing that Jay and Silent Bob are now considered terrorists in which he says, "It's times like this, I miss dating a lesbian."

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