Series: View Askewniverse
Occupation: Chief security guard at the Eden Prairie Mall
First seen: Mallrats
Last seen: Mallrats
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Sven-Ole Thorsen



LaFours, works as chief security guard at the Eden Prairie Mall.

LaFours is considered (even by Jay and Silent Bob) as one of the most fearsome security guards on duty, due to his size and strength; in fact he's even got "two kills" on his record.

Whilst attempting to get past Lafours in the destruction of the "Truth or Date" stage, Jay and Silent Bob mess up, resulting in both of them being pursued by him. We later see the chief security guard attempting to evict T.S. and Brodie from the mall, only to get hit from behind by Jay with a baseball bat. LaFours and his team attempt to take both him and Silent Bob down, but lose track of him when they use a grappling hook. He is also seen having sex with Tricia Jones later in the film. In the epilogue, he acquires a signed copy of Tricia's book (and perhaps even struck up a romance with her).

Chasing Amy

We also see LaFours on a large Bluntman and Chronic front cover, as seen at the comic book convention in Chasing Amy.