Rene Mosier
Series: View Askewniverse
Occupation: Band Leader on The Tonight Show
First seen: Mallrats
Last seen: Mallrats
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Shannen Doherty



Brodie finds out Rene began a relationship with his nemesis Shannon Hamilton, a clothing store manager who hates Brodie because of his "lack of a shopping agenda." Brodie confronts Rene to find out more about her relationship with Hamilton and the two have sex on an elevator. Rene seems to have some respect for Brodie once more, but the latter is later confronted and assaulted by Hamilton, who admits on intending to seduce Rene and then have sex with her in a "very uncomfortable place"; a running joke is that this is interpreted as the "back of a Volkswagen".

During the Truth or Date, Brandi recognizes the voices of Brodie and T.S., and an argument ensues between the three while being aired as well as being in front of the crowd. Brodie admits to Brandi that T.S. had spent all day trying to win her back. T.S. then proposes to Brandi, to which she accepts. As the police arrive to arrest T.S. and Brodie after the show is over, Silent Bob plays a sex tape of Hamilton and Jones, which results in Hamilton being arrested.

Brodie and Rene renew their relationship as a result. The conclusion reveals that the show's producers are so impressed with Brodie's stage banter that they offer him his own talk show, with Rene as his bandleader.

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